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This update is truly a great improvement to parrot experience, for once I can fly without worries of disconnect. Create customized routes for your drone easily by selecting GPS waypoints on your screen. It also makes the current connection to the drone much more easy to view and monitor, the mini map turns red when approaching poor connection. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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We also fixed Baidu map issues in China. If you are looking for a more precise piloting experience, connect your smartphone or tablet to the Parrot Skycontroller 2.

Get the latest flight planning news, service updates and special offers from the RocketRoute shop. Oct 9, Version 5. When immersive flight mode is in use, live telemetry data is shown on your screen to ensure a successful session.

Permits Fuel Hotel Booking.


Flight Plan is an "in-app purchase" and is only available once FreeFlight Pro or FreeFlight 6 has been installed on your device. Sky Viper Flight Simulator. FlightPlan Updates October 1st, Download FreeFlight Pro, the free app that allows you to access advanced flight settings and pilot your Parrot Bebop, Bebop 2 and Disco drones.

You can now try Flight Plan 15 glight for free!

This option can be activated in FreeFlight3 Network settings. Available to buy in the app Freeflight Pro and FreeFlight 6.

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All flights data at the touch of the button Find Out More. This flight management system is the brains that power each of your plans.

With the latest version, we wanted to make the media viewing easier using a new gallery. Hit take-off and watch your drone do the rest! ;ro

Please read these updated terms. Thanks for choosing Parrot! Plab customized routes for your drone easily by selecting GPS waypoints on your screen.

FPV for Parrot Bebop drones. FlightPlan for Private Take the brakes off with the fastest and easiest way to prepare and file flight plans worldwide. Make your Bebop drone flip, loop and turn with a single tap on the piloting home screen. Set the altitude, speed and direction of your drone along the defined trajectory Step 3: FreeFlight Pro now includes an immersive piloting mode that works with the Parrot Cockpitglasses for high thrills and amazing sensations.

Skip to main content. Flight Plan, I plan the perfect flight! Your Parrot Bebop drone will adapt its orientation during the waypoints to keep the POI in the field of view while you record the perfect shots. Flight Plan Feature 1: Shop Buy airport charts, plates, membership bundles and more.

You can activate this option in FreeFlight 3 Flight settings. Have a great flight!

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To activate, simply insert your smartphone into the glasses, take-off, and experience the magic of flight. Discover and connect with a global market of aviation service providers. For some reason my Parrot Bebop drone says its connected to WiFi on my iPad but then on this app it says no drone connected and refuses to work.

Hit take-off and watch your drone do the rest! RocketRoute is used by operators around the world, including:.

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